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Mariachi San Jose is a semi-professional co-ed ensemble composed of high school, college, and graduate students between the ages of 16-23. All members have had some formal music training and have participated in school music programs including jazz,choir, marching band, and symphony. Most members have taken private music lessons and are proficient in their respective instrument, music theory, and ability to read sheet music. All have had Mariachi experience from a very early age--some as young as six years old. As an ensemble, we perform in concerts, and private and public venues. Many of the group members have been with Mariachi San Jose since its inception in 2001.

Members of the group are currently enrolled in the following colleges or universities: Santa Clara University, Stanford, San Francisco State, West Valley College, and DeAnza College. Two of our members are recent college graduates: one from MIT Boston with a degree in Engineering, and one from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico with a degree in Psychology. Two members are still in high school, one is a senior and the youngest member of the group is a sophomore.

During our youth, learning Mariachi music was the vehicle that kept each of us engaged in an activity that was family oriented, and where we developed the discipline and focus that carried over into our school work. Now, as young adults pursuing our individual dreams through higher education, Mariachi San Jose members are making a contribution back to the community by working with youth.

Mariachi San Jose was initially formed with graduates from an after-school youth mariachi program. We have been recruited back as part-time instructors for the same after-school program from which we graduated. We are now actively involved as role models, mentors, and instructors. All the members are very busy performing, teaching, and keeping up with school activities!

Because of the positive impact this after-school youth mariachi program had on our lives, we want to provide other youth with the same opportunities. By working with participants in this program, we hope to make a difference! We are providing youth with the opportunities to stay engaged in a positive activity, to stay in school, to continue cultural traditions, to learn music education, to develop life-long job skills as musicians and instructors, and to develop an appreciation for the performing arts.


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