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Frequently Asked Questions

QDo you perform out of town?

QWhat is your minimum performing time?
ADepends on the venue, but no less than one hour.

QAre you available during the weekday?
ABecause the group is composed of high school and college students, the group is not available to perform during the weekday prior to 5:00pm. Members also try to limit the number of weekday performances during the school year so it does not impact their academics and interfere with their school-related activities. However, a few exceptions will be made based on availability of each of the members and if the scheduled event is after 5:00 pm. Members have more flexibility during school holidays and summer months.

QHow far in advance should I book your group?
AThe sooner the better. Most people book six months in advance. The earlier you book, the better the chance of our availability on the date of your event.

QHow can I make sure the scheduled performance date booked is guaranteed?
ADate is guaranteed upon receiving a security deposit and signed contractual agreement.

QWhere can we observe the group perform?
AA schedule of public performances is available for reference. Also, you can call or send an email to make arrangements to see them perform.

QDoes this group play at private functions?
A Mariachi San Jose is available to perform at private functions, public events, and concerts. Performances include festivals, multi- cultural events, neighborhood festivities, company functions, political events, sports events, grand openings, community events, weddings, quinceneras, baptisms, parties, and religious events.

QHow many members compose the group?
ANine members. The group is composed of members playing the following instruments: violin,trumpet,guitarron,guitar, vihuela. On occasion, there may be less members performing due to school-related schedule conflicts, family vacations, or illness which may prevent one or two members from participating.


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