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Youth Mariachi Program
In 2001, an after-school youth mariachi program was established by the founders of Mariachi San Jose. Mariachi San Jose members are graduates of this program. Now as experienced musicians, they have been recruited by the founders to return as instructors to teach the students. The programming has been folded under the non-profit organization, Youth Development Through Performing Arts (YDPA). The elements of the program are:

Mariachi Apprentice Training
The Mariachi Apprentice Training is offered to young musicians who play an instrument but have not fully developed their music skills to perform. Classes are held in San Jose, CA and are taught by members of Mariachi San Jose. Available to beginning and intermediate level students from 12-18 years of age. Recital twice a year. For more information, call us.

The Interns-in-Training is designed for high school and college students who are proficient in music but want to learn to play Mariachi style. These students rehearse with Mariachi San Jose and are mentored and taught by members of the group. As they enhance their musical skills and style, interns are given opportunities from time to time to perform with Mariachi San Jose and can audition to be part of the group when an opening becomes available. Must provide own instrument. If interested in the Intern program, submit the audition request form, call, or send an email for an appointment.

The Performers-in-Training program is composed of the top students who are still mastering their music skills and want to to develop their performing skills. Auditions are held yearly in front of a panel of master mariachi musicians. Must be enrolled in the program at least six months prior to auditioning dates to be considered. Students selected become part of a youth mariachi ensemble representing the program and have the opportunity to perform at public community events to showcase their talents. All students must audition yearly including students selected in previous years. Age requirement 15-20 years old. Call for more information.


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